This site is dedicated to ALL those who served in usafss, the united states air force SECURITY service, on the nsa comint intelligence team, during the cold-war years

The headset is probably the most representative icon of our work--after all, we did a lot of listening. The photo on left was provided by Al Lorentzen (USAFSS 1956-1962). He wore this set while stationed on Shemya Island and later in Scotland. One can only estimate what intelligence came through this one set but, believe me, it was substantial. Then multiply that by the thousands that were in use 24 hours a day around the globe and you may get an idea as to the magnitude of the USAFSS MIssion.    

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I categorized my USAFSS service as "lack luster" which was meant to convey the idea that I was the "Average Joe" in Security Service who did their job and did it to the best of their ability without fanfare. All of us, despite our "averageness", were quite professional in our approach to the intel work at hand. During our Spring, 2011, house-cleaning ritual, some old, forgotten, AF records surfaced and the following APR was among them. It reflects how my work was viewed by those I worked with and is consistent with my on-the-job attitude throughout my 20 years of military service. I don't recall working with anyone who didn't share the same on-the-job attitude.

APR 1974 Side 2